Minggu, 17 Mei 2015

Taliban suicide attack kills three near Kabul airport

The Pakistan Army, ISI and their sponsored Taliban want the western forces out of Afghanistan so that they can start controlling events in Afghanistan.

Weak leadership of Ashraf Ghani leading to a surge in terrorism in Afghanistan

A suicide bomb attack near the entrance of the international airport in the Afghan capital Kabul has killed three people, including a British citizen.The attack took place close to the area used by military vehicles and targeted a European police training mission vehicle.Two Afghan teenage girls, described as bystanders, died in the blast, while at least 18 people were injured.

The Taliban said it carried out the attack in a statement emailed to media.The British victim has not been named but UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said he was a security contractor.
Mr Hammond said he "strongly condemned (the Taliban's) cowardly actions".A spokeswoman for the EU's police mission (Eupol), Sari Haukka-Konu, said one non-mission member who had been travelling in the Eupol vehicle had been killed.

The attack is the second major incident in Kabul within a week. A Taliban gun attack on a hotel in the city on Thursday killed 14 people, most of them foreigners.

Plume of smoke
At least eight women and three children were among the wounded in Sunday's attack, Kabul police said, in addition to three members of Eupol.

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